Online Dispute Resolution

What is Online Dispute Resolution?

ODR provides the potential for a conference participant to attend a Conciliation conference online, connecting via an online video link.

ODR is designed to encourage workers and employers participation where those participants would otherwise not be able to be involved in the conference, but it is not to be seen as a replacement for face to face conferencing.

In limited circumstances the employer and/or worker may have an opportunity to attend the Conciliation conference online. Online participation is subject to the Conciliation Officer's discretion.


In deciding whether ODR conferencing is appropriate for a case, the Conciliation Officer will take into account a number of factors. These include the type of dispute, individual circumstances of the worker or employer and accessibility of technology to these participants.

A Conciliation Officer may determine that ODR is appropriate for a conference in the following circumstances;

  • If a dispute would ordinarily be scheduled in Melbourne. (ODR will not replace regional conferencing and is not available at regional venues)
  • If a worker resides in rural Victoria or interstate and has moved a considerable distance from original place of employment
  • Where the Head Office of a business is either in rural Victoria or interstate, and the dispute is not scheduled as a Regional conference
  • Where a previous or current request has been granted for telephone conference by a worker or employer
  • Specified medical reasons as to why the worker or employer cannot attend conference
  • Employers will only be offered ODR in disputes that deal with rejection of liability for a claim (section 109) or Return to Work (section 205)

ODR is a supplement to the ACCS conference service and not a replacement to the existing face to face conference, which remains the cornerstone of the ACCS.

The integrity of an ACCS conference is not compromised when providing this online service. It aims to ensure further flexibility and service delivery to stakeholders.

VWA Agents and Self-insurers are not able to request online participation in place of being present at a conference.

Technology Requirements

  • Computer with webcam
  • Strong internet connection (faster than 512kb per second)
  • Suitable Connections
    • ADSL 2+
    • ADSL 1
    • 4G modem
  • Microphone and sound

Think this may be right for you?

If you consider ODR appropriate for your case and this has not previously been identified please contact the ACCS and speak with your allocated Conciliation Officer.