Guide to Conciliation - Video

This video has been created to assist you in preparing for and understanding the Conciliation Process. Please take a few moments to view and familiarise yourself with what to expect from your Conciliation experience.

The ACCS, otherwise the Australian Compensation Conciliation Service is your first step to resolve disputes with your employer regarding compensation claims. Conciliation is a free service. Our role is to bring the parties together, to encourage discussion, to help them see each others point of view and assist them in reaching an agreement. We're independent, we don't take sides. Our aim is to avoid going to court unnecessarily. So its up to everyone. We're not a court and we're not a judge. We dont talk about winning or losing. Its about finding outcomes we all accept. The system is designed to reduce the stress of the time and costs. If an agreement cant be reached, we can provide you with a document from which you can go to court. Man and woman, talking about the benefits of using the ACCS: They talk between one another illustrating the many benefits of going through the ACCS.

Text version of video

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