User Satisfaction Survey

ACCS seeks regular feedback from participants in the conciliation process, about your experience with ACCS and also your experience in the conciliation conference. If you have engaged with ACCS and participated in the conciliation service,  you may be contacted by Shane Thomas and Associates to take part in our User Satisfaction Survey. Please note that if you are an injured worker, you will be contacted to participate via telephone. All other participants in the conciliation conference will be contacted via email in the first instance.

Feedback gathered from this survey will be used to identify opportunities to enhance our service, and we hope that you consider being a part of this important activity.

Your privacy

If you choose to participate in the ACCS User Satisfaction Survey, we ensure that your feedback is kept confidential and that your case will not be affected by your involvement. Your personal information will only be used for research and analysis purposes and any information that could lead to your identification will not be disclosed in any reporting.

If you have any queries about the survey, please contact ACCS on 03 9940 1111 or freecall 1800 635 960 during office hours.