You can arrange representation or a support person to come along with you to your Conciliation conference. This person cannot attend on your behalf. This person(s) details should be supplied on your Request for Conciliation form.

You can arrange representation or a support person prior to conference. Ideally the details of your representative should be submitted with your Request for Conciliation form.

You can be accompanied by:

  • Someone who knows the WorkCover scheme
    This can be in the form of a representative from your union, Union Assist or WorkCover Assist.

Other types of representation can include:

  • Solicitor / Legal Representation
    You are not required to be legally represented for Conciliation, however if you wish to obtain legal advice or representation you may choose to contact the Law Institute of Victoria. You may only bring a solicitor into the conference if all parties agree; this consent should be requested by your solicitor before the scheduled conference date. You are responsible for your legal costs for conciliation

There are a number of organisations that provide assistance with the Conciliation process. A full list is available here:

We encourage you to arrive at the ACCS 30 minutes prior to your scheduled conference to allow you time to meet with your representative if you have arranged one. This will give you an opportunity to ask them any last minute questions you may have.