What disputes do ACCS handle

The Accident Compensation Conciliation Service helps resolve workers compensation disputes in Victoria between workers and employers or VWA Agents / Self Insurers using the principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Requests for conciliation are usually brought to the ACCS by the worker. In most disputes, conciliation is a compulsory step before commencing proceedings in the court system.

If a decision regarding your VWA claim has been made and you wish to dispute the decision, you can bring the dispute to the ACCS. You must provide a copy of the decision letter received from the VWA Agent. If you do not have a copy of the letter, contact the VWA Agent before lodging the dispute with ACCS.

If you have not received a response from the VWA Agent in relation to your entitlements, you can lodge a Request for Conciliation in relation to this. In this situation, you do not have to provide a copy of a decision letter. However it is important to provide the ACCS with all relevant details regarding the issue in dispute. This may include copies of correspondence sent and received from the VWA Agent or Self Insurer.