How to prepare

Supporting Information

You are required to provide relevant information relating to your dispute and ensure that it is available prior to the Conciliation Conference. Relevant information may include medical reports, copies of payslips, account or receipt details for medical treatment and other correspondence. If you have any questions regarding what information is required, please contact the ACCS. The nature of the information required will depend upon the nature of your dispute.

You should be prepared to speak about why you disagree with the decision about your claim. You may want to make notes to help you remember important points.

Medical Evidence

You should provide the Conciliation Officer with any information that supports your point of view, e.g. medical reports, well before the conference if possible. If you don't know what information might be useful, speak to the ACCS.

Medical reports

You will be sent copies of any reports that were used to make the decision, unless the Conciliation Officer deems the reports contain  sensitive information, in which case they will be exchanged with your assistant or medical practitioner. If you do not receive these a week or two before the conference, advise the Conciliation Officer that the reports have not arrived.