Conciliation Service - COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

ACCS is still delivering its very important conciliation service, but in order to prioritise your health and safety all conciliation conferences are currently being undertaken via telephone, until further notice. Please be aware that our office is also closed to the public at this time.

If you have any queries about your conciliation during this time or you would like to request a face-to-face conference in the future, please call 1800 635 960 to speak to our team or email To understand how to complete and lodge a request for conciliation at this time, please click here .

It is important that you come to your Conciliation Conference prepared to share your views and listen to other points of view on  the dispute.You should be prepared to speak about why you disagree with the decision about your claim. You may want to make notes to help you remember important points.

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WorkSafe Agents and Self Insurers are required to come to the Conciliation Conference. As the face of the decision maker you must be able to explain the decision that has been made and what information or material was considered in making that decision.

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The ACCS encourages all parties to a dispute to attend and participate in the conciliation process. You should contact your WorkSafe Agent to discuss your attendance at the conciliation conference and what information you may need to provide.

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